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Members of the Union FNV University of Utrecht. ‘Because we believe in the power of TOGETHER’.
As an employee of Utrecht University, you will have to deal with subjects that affect your employment conditions during your career. Things that you might of as: that should or should be better. Think of better working conditions, career opportunities, or agreements about reducing absence due to work stress. What about your rights? How could you exert influence?
We are member group FNV Utrecht University
 A trade union team attached to Utrecht University. We investigate what members at the individual/collective level experience in the workplace and bring this to the attention of Utrecht University, on behalf of the members. By joining our forces, we are stronger and can exert more influence on issues that directly affect our work. Your job. Your employment conditions. Things that matter. We have good knowledge of the collective labor agreement and the legal status regulations of Utrecht University and are familiar with the corporate culture.
The more people join us, the stronger our team and the stronger our (negotiating) strength within Utrecht University. That means more influence. We must continue to build on that. We do that with each other. And especially for each other. But always together.
Not yet member of a union?
Whether it is about your income, your working hours, information about rights and duties concerning illness or in reorganizations, a union negotiates on behalf of its members for decent terms of employment. Strong unions are vital for achieving better working conditions– your working conditions!

Membership gives additional benefits, such as: legal assistance in conflict concerning your work; help with the annual tax declaration, careers advise, reduction on insurance costs and holidays etc. Your membership can be reimbursed by Utrecht University (see the Terms of Employment Options Model).

The trade union official is specially trained to help colleagues with questions about their work place. They will direct you to colleagues with specialist knowledge should they not be able to answer your question themselves.

You have further questions, want to join the  Union FNV? or just want to get aquatinted?
Pleas give me a call or sent an email!

The trade union official of Utrecht University is Erik Hendriksen. 
Visiting addres: Bestuursgebouw, Heidelberglaan 8, room 2.41
Email:, Phone: 030 – 253 7729