Tablet/laptop scheme 2021

Under certain conditions, university employees including PhD Scholarship students can make use of the tablet/laptop scheme.

In short, the arrangement means that once every 4 years you can buy a tablet or laptop including peripheral equipment such as a mouse, keyboard, headset and a second monitor to have a computer workstation at home.
Guideline amounts have been set for this. You can buy more expensive equipment, but you have to pay the extra price yourself. Read more in the extract of the scheme (link).

Below is more information about the conditions for making use of this scheme.
Please note:

It is the employer’s responsibility to provide equipment that allows you to work at home. If you are not eligible for the scheme or if you need equipment that cannot be purchased for the recommended retail price, please contact your manager.
This also applies to situations in which the equipment breaks down within the 4-year period or is no longer sufficient to do your work.
NB: this scheme was introduced at the time of the compulsory home working. Now that you are allowed to work at the RUG again, this may be a reason for the management/department not to allow you to buy equipment. Of course, the necessary equipment must be available at the RUG’s workplace.

Do not purchase equipment that is not included in the regulations on your own initiative, without consulting your manager.

If peripheral equipment is not available for the guide price, contact the demand manager (link to My University, accessible to RUG staff only).

More information and application form
If you want more information on the scheme, you can read an extract of the scheme here (pdf) or you can read the entire scheme on the following page within MyUniversity (only accessible to RUG staff).
You will also find a page where you can check whether you are allowed to make use of the regulation and a link to the reimbursement form.
Also there is a FAQ available and a contact form for asking questions to HR.