Sick leave

What to do if you are sick: the procedure for absence because of sickness, sickness during the vacation and rights and obligations in case of sickness.

Calling in sick
If you are sick, inform immediately the person in charge; in most cases this would be  your supervisor. If your supervisor is absent, inform whoever is replacing your supervisor. You are not obliged to answer any question about your sickness. However, you are obliged to be reachable.

The University of Groningen has a Sickness Absence Protocol describing what to do in case of sickness. The protocol can be found on the staff section of the RUG website.

PAY ATTENTION: you are not obliged to tell anything about your sickness.
Your employer may not ask you any questions about your medical condition. They may not ask what is bothering you, or about the treatment of your illness. Also the company doctor and health and safety doctor may not provide your employer with any medical information about you, unless you yourself have given explicit permission.

PAY ATTENTION: Is your sickness-absence related to your work?
In such a case, the company doctor may tell your employer which adjustments must be made so that you can do your work again. For more information and for help in case of conflict situations, see the following page on our website.

PAY ATTENTION: If your employer does not accept your calling in sick.
Report in writing or by e-mail that you are sick and from which date. Ask your employer for a meeting with the company doctor or the occupational doctor. In addition, let them know where you are during your sickness absence, and how you can be reached (i.e. your telephone number).

PAY ATTENTION: Becoming sick during your vacation
Being sick during the vacation is very unpleasant. If this happens, call in sick immediately, in the same way you would if you were working. Your sick days should not be considered or counted as vacation days.

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