Overview of formal regulations within the RUG

The formal texts of most local regulations can also be found on our university website. These can only be accessed via MyUniversity.

General regulations

  • Regulations on R&O interviews
  • Explanatory notes on R&O interviews
  • RUG education scheme
  • Regulations on mentioning RUG affiliations in publications
  • Regulations on working hours and special leave
  • Internal Code of Integrity RUG
  • Reorganisation Code
  • Rules for filling vacancies
  • Service anniversary scheme
  • Salary rules for extraterritorial costs (30% rule)
  • Disciplinary Measures Regulation.

Regulation on persons of trust

  • Regulation Confidential Advisor

Whistleblower Regulations

  • RUG reporting procedure for malpractice and irregularities

Recruitment and selection policy

  • Recruitment policy
  • Privacy statement for applications
  • Recruitment guide

Policy regulations

  • Memorandum professors policy
  • Policy memorandum Faculty director RUG
  • Tenure track policy memorandum RUG 2017
  • Regulations committee reconsideration job arrangement