Individual advocacy (IBB).

How does individual advocacy (IBB) work?
If you have a question or a problem about work or income, the FNV can help you. This is also called individual advocacy (IBB). Although non-members can come to the FNV RUG for a consultation, they are not eligible for extensive IBB.

How will the FNV help me?
Initially, you will have contact with the trade union official or one of the FNV trade union consultants at the RUG. Together with them, you will examine whether and how the trade union can help you and whether there are any other agencies you can call on.

If the trade union cannot help you, we will look at where you can go. If you have a complicated case that does belong to the union, we will call in legal specialists within the union. If necessary, the FNV will also support any legal proceedings. This legal support is, however, subject to the conditions mentioned above.

In summary, the process is usually as follows:

  • You ask your question to the trade union official via e-mail, telephone or during open consultation hours. If possible, you will receive an answer to your question by e-mail or telephone.
  • If your question is more complicated, one of the union advisers will look at the problem with you. If necessary, the union advisor can keep in touch with you over a longer period of time.
  • Some cases are very complicated, for which we call in the help of the legal advisors at the FNV. Sometimes this is only for advice and the trade union consultant will handle your case. Sometimes the whole case is transferred to the FNV legal staff. The case is then handled by the Groningen regional office, where they have a great deal of experience with cases at the RUG.

Are there conditions for the representation of individual interests?
There are indeed conditions attached to the representation of individual interests. There is a difference between advice and legal aid. The rules for legal aid are clearly laid down; see the General Terms and Conditions of Individual Legal Aid of the FNV (below). In principle, everyone can get one consultation, member or non-member. If you want more support, you must at least be a member, but a number of additional rules apply.

  • Read the general conditions for individual legal aid FNV.
  • Not sure if your problem can be handled by the FNV? You can always ask via e-mail ( and you are always welcome for a consultation with the trade union official.
  • FNV Complaints Procedure.