How can the FNV RUG help me?

If you have a question or a problem related to your work or your income, you can always contact the FNV RUG for a consultation. Even if you are not sure whether it belongs to the FNV.

There are all kinds of rules regarding work and income. The FNV is mainly concerned with this. In the big picture, by thinking and negotiating about legislation and regulations that concern these areas, by negotiating about collective labor agreements and by consulting locally about local rules.

Help with questions and problems concerning work and income
The FNV is also concerned with the rules of work and income at the level of the individual employee. If an employee has problems with this, he or she can contact the FNV. We can help in various ways.

We look together with you at whether your question or problem with your work and income fits within the expertise of the FNV and how we can help you. If your question or problem does not fall within the expertise of the FNV, we will look for other agencies that can help you.