Bicycle scheme

The university has a scheme for its employees to purchase a bicycle in a fiscally attractive way. The following conditions apply.

General conditions

  • You may only make use of this scheme once every four years.
  • You must have an appointment of at least 0.3 FTE and the employment contract must continue for at least one year after participation. In addition, employees whose gross salary has already been reduced by a maximum of 30% for tax purposes, student assistants and stand-by employees are excluded from participation.
  • The offset against the gross salary amounts to a maximum of 1,000 Euros. You may purchase a more expensive bicycle, but then a maximum of 1000 Euro of the total amount of the bicycle will be reimbursed.
  • Settlement of the amount takes place by means of a reduction in the gross salary for the remaining months of the current calendar year or, if desired, with a reduction in the incidental benefits (gross holiday allowance and/or gross end-of-year bonus) in so far as this is possible in combination with a possible fiscal travel allowance.
  • You must first purchase the bicycle yourself, and then you can apply for participation in the scheme within two months of purchasing it using this form (only available to RUG staff).

NB: check in advance whether you qualify for the scheme
Because buying a bicycle can be a fairly large financial investment, it is wise to check in advance whether you qualify for the scheme. You can check this via the following link (only available for RUG staff).

Please note: consequences of reducing gross salary
A reduction in gross salary and/or holiday allowance/end-of-year bonus may affect the amount of certain benefits (e.g. WIA, WAO or WW/BW benefit) and income-related allowances such as care allowance, rent allowance and childcare allowance. Compensation for this from the employer’s side will not be granted.

More information
If you would like to see the formal text of the Scheme, you can find it on this page within MyUniversity (only accessible to RUG staff).
Questions about the Scheme can be sent to the e-mail addres: