“Bad-News” Interview

This may happen to all of us one time or another, and no-one wants to be confronted with it: a “bad news conversation” about your performance.

First and foremost, let’s be clear about one thing: Under normal circumstances, a “bad new conversation” should never result in dismissal in the first time that it happens. Your supervisor can, however, use this first conversation as a reason to make a proposal to the faculty board or to the management to ask for an improvement process. Only if that process does not lead to sufficient improvement is there reason to initiate a dismissal procedure.

The decision to dismiss you from your work may only be taken by the faculty board or by the management. So not by your supervisor!
If this decision is made, then there is a possibility to object to the decision. It is important to do this as quickly as possible! Ask us what options you have and how the FNV can help.

Of course, we do not want it to come to that point, so it is necessary to be alert to signals of dissatisfaction with your performance. A negative assessment should then never come as a surprise.

The supervisor must inform the employee who is not functioning properly that he or she is dissatisfied as soon as possible, and not wait with this information until the annual R&D interview (results and development interview). If this has not happened, then this can certainly be taken as an argument against the complaint during the interview, because as an employee you were not given the opportunity to improve yourself in time.

PAY ATTENTION: never sign the report of the interview without thoroughly checking it.
If you do not agree with the report which follows the interview, request a written correction to the report, and provide yourself the corrected text.
If the report is not corrected, sign only as “seen” and not as “approved”. You can always have your own opinion added to the report, this will be saved in your personnel file.

PAY ATTENTION: you do not be alone in a “bad news conversation”.
The RUG’s Result & Development Interviews (Article 4) stipulates that you as an employee may be assisted by a trade union consultant or other adviser in your meetings with the organization. Make use of this if you think this is necessary.

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