FNV University of Groningen. ‘Because we believe in the power of TOGETHER.’

As an employee of the University of Groningen, you will be confronted in your career with issues that affect your employment conditions. There will be times when you think that things are not going right, things should be better. For example with regard to better working conditions, career opportunities or payment during sick leave due to work pressure. What really are your rights? How could you influence your work conditions?

We are the FNV branch of the University of Groningen. A team of the FNV trade union affiliated with the University of Groningen. Our role, on behalf of our members, is to constantly be attentive to what is happening in the workplace at the individual and the collective levels, and to bring this information to the attention of the University of Groningen. By putting our voices together we are stronger, and we can exert more influence regarding topics that directly affect our work, our employment conditions, and other important matters. We have good knowledge of the Collective Labor Agreement and the legal regulations of the University of Groningen, and we are familiar with the corporate culture.

The more people join us, the stronger our team is and the stronger is our negotiating power within the University of Groningen, and this means – more influence. We rely on our members and develope with them. We do this together, and we do it for each other. Are you in?