#MeerVasteContractenNU: your help is needed!

Making firm agreements for more permanent contracts for lecturers and researchers is one of the spearheads of these collective labor agreement negotiations. You can help by wearing a red wristband. This way you show that you are in solidarity with your colleagues.

To spread the wristbands within our University, we are also asking for your help. Speaking to your immediate colleagues and making them enthusiastic about this action can ensure that the wristbands spread quickly within our University and that the action becomes a success. So help us all, many hands make light work!

How do you obtain wristbands?

You can pick them up or request them from your union official by emailing fnv@rug.nl. If pickup is inconvenient, you can also arrange with the union official to have the wristbands sent to your work location or home address.

It would also be great if you post a photo of your wristband on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #MeerVasteContractenNU.

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